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Clio’s Psyche, the publication of the Psychohistory Forum, publishes Fall, Winter and Spring issues of the journal. To read a back issue online, simply click the desired link below. There is a two-issue delay from publication until posting below. Current Tables of Contents may be viewed on the Home page. Please note: Psychohistory Forum members receive the forthcoming Work-In-Progress Research Papers about three weeks prior to the scheduled presentation.

Fall 2021 (v28 No. 1)Winter 2022 (v28 No. 2)Spring 2022 (v28 No. 3)
Fall 2020 (v27 No. 1)Winter 2021 (v27 No. 2)Spring 2021 (v27 No. 3)
Fall 2019 (v26 No. 1)Winter 2020 (v26 No. 2)Spring 2020 (v26 No. 3)
Fall 2018 (v25 No. 1) Winter 2019 (v25 No. 2) Spring 2019 (v25 No. 3)
Summer 2017 (v24 No. 1) Winter 2018 (v24 No. 2) Spring 2018 (v24 No. 3)
Fall 2016 (v23 No. 1) Winter 2017 (v23 No. 2) Spring 2017 (v23 No. 3)
June 2015 (v22 No.1) September-2015 (v22 No.2) December-2015 (v22 No.3) March 2016 (v22 No.4)
June 2014 (v21 No.1) September-2014 (v21 No.2) December-2014 (v21 No.3) March 2015 (v21 No.4)
June 2013 (v20 No. 1) September-2013 (v20 No. 2) December-2013 (v20 No.3) March 2014 (v20 No.4)
June 2012 (v19 No.1) September-2012 (v19 No. 2) December-2012 (v19 No.3) March 2013 (v19 No. 4)
June 2011 (v18 No.1) September-2011 (v18 No.2) December-2011 (v18 No. 3) March 2012 (v18 No. 4)
June/Sept. 2010 (v17 No.1/2) December-2010 (v17 No.3) March 2011 (v17 No.4)
June 2009 (v16 No.1) September-2009 (v16 No.2) December-2009 (v16 No.3) March 2010 (v16 No.4)
June 2008 (v15 No.1) September-2008 (v15 No.2) December-2008 (v15 No.3) March 2009 (v15 No.4)
June/Sept. 2007 (v14 No.1/2) December-2007 (v14 No.3) March 2008 (v14 No.4)
June 2006 (v13 No.1) September-2006 (v13 No.2) December-2006 (v13 No.3) March 2007 (v13 No.4)
June 2005 (v12 No.1) September-2005 (v12 No.2) December-2005 (v12 No.3) March 2006 (v12 No.4)
June 2004 (v11 No.1) September-2004 (v11 No.2) December-2004 (v11 No.3) March 2005 (v11 No.4)
June 2003 (v10 No.1) September-2003 (v10 No.2) December-2003 (v10 No.3) March 2004 (v10 No.4)
June 2002 (v9 No.1) September-2002 (v9 No.2) December-2002 (v9 No.3) March 2003 (v9 No.4)
June 2001 (v8 No.1) September-2001 (v8 No.2) December-2001 (v8 No.3) March 2002 (v8 No.4)
June 2000 (v7 No.1) September-2000 (v7 No.2) Deecember-2000 (v7 No.3) March 2001 (v7 No.4)
June 1999 (v6 No.1) September-1999 (v6 No.2) December-1999 (v6 No.3) March 2000 (v6 No.4)
June 1998 (v5 No.1) September-1998 (v5 No.2) December-1998 (v5 No.3) March 1999 (v5 No.4)
June 1997 (v4 No.1) September-1997 (v4 No.2) December-1997 (v4 No.3) March 1998 (v4 No.4)
June 1996 (v3 No.1) September-1996 (v3 No.2) December-1996 (v3 No.3) March 1997 (v3 No.4)
June 1995 (v2 No.1) September-1995 (v2 No.2) December-1995 (v2 No.3) March 1996 (v2 No.4)
June 1994 (v1 No.1) September-1994 (v1 No.2) December-1994 (v1 No.3) March 1995 (v1 No.4)