Back Issues

Clio’s Psyche, the publication of the Phychohistory Forum, publishes Fall, Winter and Spring issues of the journal. To read a back issue or index on-line, simply click the desired link below. Issues in gray are currently unavailable. Please note: Psychohistory Forum members receive the forthcoming Work-In-Progress-Research-Papers about three weeks prior to the scheduled presentation.

March 2007 (v13 No.4) June/Sept. 2007 (v14 No.1/2) December-2007 (v14 No.3) March 2008 (v14 No.4)
June 2008 (v15 No.1) September-2008 (v15 No.2) December-2008 (v15 No.3) March 2009 (v15 No.4)
June 2009 (v16 No.1) September-2009 (v16 No.2) December-2009 (v16 No.3) March 2010 (v16 No.4)
June/Sept. 2010 (v17 No.1/2) December-2010 (v17 No.3) March 2011 (v17 No.4) June 2011 (v18 No.1)
September-2011 (v18 No.2) December-2011 (v18 No. 3) March 2012 (v18 No. 4) June 2012 (v19 No.1)
September-2012 (v19 No. 2) December-2012 (v19 No.3) March 2013 (v19 No. 4) June 2013 (v20 No. 1)
September-2013 (v20 No. 2) December-2013 (v20 No.3) March 2014 (v20 No.4) June 2014 (v21 No.1)
September-2014 (v21 No.2) December-2014 (v21 No.3) March 2015 (v21 No.4) June 2015 (v21 No.4)
September-2015 (v22 No.2) December-2015 (v22 No.3) March 2016 (v22 No.4)