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Current Call

Clio’s Psyche Call for Papers on

“The Psychology and History of Sexual Violation and Its Condemnation”

Special Issue

Papers are due May 31 for Fall 2018

Clio’s Psyche seeks psychological insights on these and related subjects:

  • Why in America have the barriers to making these issues public broken down?
  • To what extent is the openness about these abuses related to Donald Trump and the Trump presidency?
  • The varied response to charges of sexual abuse
  • The “casting couch” in Hollywood and the Weinstein case
  • Therapies for sexual misconduct and their effectiveness
  • Charges for political purposes and fantasies of sexual intrusion
  • How celebrities, politicians, therapists, and the wealthy deal with the erotic transference
  • Sexual abuse and sexual fantasy in the Freudian tradition
  • The #MeToo movement
  • The complexities of gender & sexuality, denial as well as the rush to judgment
  • Cases of a rush to judgment without due process, ruining a person’s career
  • Sexual privilege in the Middle Ages and throughout history
  • Sexual predation in athletics and the military
  • Sexual violation in medical and therapeutic relationships
  • Specific cases: Conyers, Franken, Franks, Moore, Nassar, Trump, Thomas, Weinstein, etc.

Articles should be 1,000-2,500 words–including seven to ten keywords, a 100-word abstract, and your brief biography ending in your e-mail address.  We do not publish bibliographies and usually only have citations for direct quotes.  Before writing it is good to examine past articles from the last decade on  Articles, abstracts, and inquiries should be sent to


Future Issues



Clio’s Psyche is looking for articles on a variety of subjects.  Here are some special issues that we would welcome an informed guest editor or co-editors for articles on:

  • Psychobiography and Globalization
  • Environmentalism and Anti-Environmentalism
  • The Impact of Celebrity Culture on America
  • TV as Object Relations: Our Emotional Connection to Fantasy
  • Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Business Success
  • Images and Psychology of Enemies and Hatred through the Ages
  • The Intrapsychic and Societal Processes of the American Acceptance of Homosexuality
  • The Contemporary American Fascination with Animals
  • Anti-Government Fantasies and Civilization
  • The Psychology of Anti-Intellectualism and its Implications for Democracy