Table of Contents: March 2015

Obama in History Symposium

363 President Obama in History: The Political Intersects with the Personal
Ken Fuchsman

Obama in History Responses

375 A Political Scientist’s Doubt
Fred Alford

377 Obama, Like Truman, Should Not Be Underrated
Herbert Barry

379 A Good Start in Understanding Obama’s Policy Motivations
David Beisel

381 Obama’s Political and Institutional Constraints
Brian D’Agostino

385 Disappointed Expectations: A Presidential Psychobiographer’s Reflections
Paul H. Elovitz

388 Obama’s Tragic Flaw
David Lotto

391 Obama Agonistes
Ken Fuchsman

The Psychology of Electronics

397 How Electronics Empower and Frustrate Me
Paul H. Elovitz

400 Stuck in a Computer Freeze
115 Allan Mohl

400 Virtual Minds
Juhani Ihanus

405 Group Process in Online Discussion Groups
Ralph E. Fishkin

410 Psychoanalysis and the Digital Age: Google vs. The Blank Slate
Joyce M. Rosenberg

414 A Threat from Virtual Reality
Paul Salstrom

418 Autoeroticism, the Internet, and Relationships
Hanna Turken

420 Technological Impact on New Mothers
Helen Cairns

423 My Digital Generation of Students
Paul H. Elovitz

Digital Generation Articles

429 An Electronic Generation
Paul H. Elovitz

432 Social Media Allow Me to Express Different Aspects of My Personality
Marissa Cooney

435 Comic Maven: Forming My Online Identity
Nicole D’Andria

439 Gaming Gave Me a Life
John Shandra Jr.

442 The Ever-Growing Influence of Fantasy Sports
Alec Weissman

446 The Ever Tightening Net Constricting Emotions and Sociability
Jennifer Howard

449 I Feel Lost without My Smartphone
Jessica Bloom

452 Narcissism, Experience, and Compliance in American Higher Education
Matthew H. Bowker

457 Martin Miller’s Account of Alice Miller’s Childhood and Parenting
Marc-André Cotton

463 Emptiness in an Age of Plenty and Why We "Can’t Get No Satisfaction"
Tom Ferraro

466 The Psychoanalytic Significance of Zombies
Tom Ferraro

470 Reflections on the Uncanny Valley: Artificial Humanoids and Us
Irene Javors

472 A Little Morning Music under Stalin
Howard Stein

Book Reviews, Meeting Report, and Letter to the Editor

473 A Psychohistorian’s Multilayered Interdisciplinary Memoir
David Beisel

476 Meeting Report: Visionaries for Peace
Paul H. Elovitz

479 Steven Pinker is Wrong About 20th Century Violence
Peter Barglow

482 Bulletin Board


December 2014

245 Reflections on Why Humans Are Better Off
109 Paul H. Elovitz

256 The Complexities of Being Civilized
115 Ken Fuchsman

264 Civilizing Versus Being Civil: Some Ironies
109 Matthew H. Bowker

267 Income Inequality and Reduced Democracy
115 Don Carveth

268 Civilization and the Insidiousness of Structural Violence
115 Aaron R. Denham

270 What Does Being “Civilized” Mean?
115 Jay Y. Gonen

273 Zombies and the Apocalyptic Imagination
115 Irene Javors

275 Civilization and Its Malcontents
115 Judith Logue

277 Some Thoughts on Civilization and Violence
115 David Lotto

280 Civilized like Captain Hook, but Capable of Learning
115 Phillip Pomper

282 Reflections on Elovitz’ Article
115 Dzmitry Samakhvalau

284 One Big, Happy, Civilized Family
115 Norman Simms

288 American Social Darwinism Makes Us Less Civilized
115 John Snow & Frederick Stecker

292 Two Possible Criteria for Being Civilized
115 Howard F. Stein

295 Enlightenment Ideals in Our Present? Our Future?
115Christina Stern

298 Some Thoughts on the Times
115Lawrence Tritle


300 Deepening Our Knowledge of What It Means to Be Civilized
165Paul H. Elovitz

307 Is Civilization Uncivilized?
173Ken Fuchsman

313 British Civility: Reality or Reaction-Formation?
115Joyce M. Rosenberg

317 Being Civilized: A Historical Perspective
115Peter W. Petschauer

321 A Belated Education in the Civilization of the Rest of the World
115Richard Lyman

324 Reminiscence of WWII Sets the Pace in the Ukraine Crisis
115Marc-André Cotton

328 Civilization and Its Discontents: A Kleinian Re-View
115Don Carveth

334 Baseball’s Love Affair with Derek Jeter
115Paul H. Elovitz

340 Jeff Koons and the Channeling of the American Soul
115Tom Ferraro

343 Nikolai Chernyshevsky’s Novel as a Psychological Profile
115Anna Geifman & Stanislav Repinetskiy

347 Funny Bones and Cracked Ribs
115Burton Norman Seitler

351 Our Henry Lawton
115Howard Stein

352 The Melancholy Self in Art History
115Daniel Rancour-Laferriere

355 Brainstorming about the Civilizing Process
115Paul H. Elovitz

358 Bulletin Board

361 Call For Papers

September 2014

123 Are Women the Dark Continent?
109 Marilyn Charles

131 Don’t Underestimate the Contributions of Women
115 C. Fred Alford

132 Some Gender Issues: Charles, Lacan, Explanatory Power
109 Peter Barglow

135 Some Gender Issues
115 Herbert Barry

137 Continents of Light and Shadow
115 Molly S. Castelloe

139 Seeing in the Dark: Illumination is Everything
115 Velleda C. Ceccoli

142 Women Are from Mars and Men Have a Penis
115 Howard Covitz

144 Helen of Troy under the Female’s Gaze
115 Helen DeVinney

147 Side Effects
115 Muriel Dimen

149 Historical Reflections on Women
115 Paul H. Elovitz

152 Some Thoughts on the Nature of Power
115 David Lotto

153 Three Suggestions
115 William R. Meyers

156 Women Emerging from the Dark Continent
115 Ruth Neubauer

158 We Are All Equal
115 Lysandra Perez-Stromolo

161 Women Need Not be Castrated or Unfathomable
115Joyce M. Rosenberg

162 Womaen Face Obstacles to Having It All
115Joan T. Seymour

164 Marilyn Charles Replies

168 Women’s Secret
165Peter W. Petschauer

170 Women’s Hard Choices and Hillary’s Choice
173Paul H. Elovitz

175 What Does a Woman Really Want?
115Neil Wilson


178 Feminist Historian Joan Wallach Scott: Featured Scholar Interview
115Paul H. Elovitz

186 Introduction
115Eva Fogelman

191 Out of Hiding: French Jewish Children after the Holocaust
115Marion Feldman & Katy Hazan

196 Echoes of the Holocaust
115Peter W. Petschauer

198 Reflections on Comparative Mass Atrocities and Genocide
115Samantha Lakin

201 Concentration Camps after WWII and the Holocaust
115Peter W. Petschauer

206 Living with the Dead: Sharing the Truth and the Pain of the Past
115Alexandra Senfft

210 The Impact of the Holocaust on Psychoanalysis
115Hanna Turken

214 Searching for Traces of the Holocaust in Heinz Kohut’s Thought
115Sivan Schneider

218 The Holocaust as an Impediment to Peace in the Middle East
115Miriam Victory Spiegel

222 Perspectives on Terrorism on the High Seas
115Paul H. Elovitz

226 Psychological and Historical Dialogue
115David Beisel

229 Murdering Our Own Species
115Ken Fuchsman

233 Working through Guilt and Regret
115Don Carveth

236 Arlene Kramer Richards and the Power of Women
115Irene Javors

238 On the Protest Demonstrations over the Brazil World Cup
115Junia de Vilhena & Maria Helena Zamora

241 Bulletin Board

243 Call For Papers

June 2014

1 Holocaust, Metaphor, and Taboo
109 Andreas Musolff

5 Angel of Death: Josef Mengele and the Mechanism of Doubling
115 Victor Meladze

9 Women, Power, and Hitler’s Killing Fields
109 Rochelle G. Saidel

13 Jews Caught Between Hitler and Stalin
115 Paul H. Elovitz

19 Our Dead Are with Us Forever
115 Peter Petschauer

20 Witnessing the Holocaust
115 David Beisel

28 Pope Pius XII, the Dogma of Mary’s Assumption, and the Holocaust
115 Daniel Rancour-Laferriere

33 Holocaust Documentary Photography: Framing the Visual Discourse
115 Rachel Youdelman

38 Beyond Expression: On Holocaust Poetry
115 Juhani Ihanus

41 Exploring Personal History: Two Films by Diane Kurys
115 Ida and Ken Dancyger

44 Holocaust Denial & Challenges in Psychoanalysis of Second Generation
115 Eva Fogelman

50 The Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma
115 Ira Brenner

54 Memories and Their Meaning: Legacies of Love and Loss
115 Hannah Kliger

58 How My Father’s Silence Influenced My Becoming an Analyst
115 Joyce Rosenberg


62 Intergenerational Transmission of Trauma In My Family
115Ruth Neubauer

64 Reclaiming Holocaust History: The Past Lives Within Us
115Arlene (Lu) Steinberg

69 Henry Lawton: Psychohistorian and Social Worker
115Paul H. Elovitz

73 Lawton Recollections
165Anonymous <> Herbert Berry <> David Beisel <> Paul H. Elovitz <> Harriet Fraad <> Juhani Ihanus <> Allan Mohl <> Richard Morrock <> Terence O’Leary <> Geraldine Pauling <> Howard F. Stein

83 Doing Psychohistory
173Henry Lawton

89 Working Notes in Countertransference in Researching Joseph Smith Jr.
115Henry Lawton

95 Where Have All the Flowers Gone? A Memorial to Pete Seeger
115Ken Fuchsman

100 Celebrating a Cambridge University Press Psychology and History Book
115Ken Fuchsman

106 The Psychology of the One Percenters
115Tom Ferraro

111 Revisiting Mazlish’s Essays
115Juhani Ihanus

113 The Sign of the Cross Casts Long Shadows
115Dan Dervin

116 Castelloe’s Film Applying Volkan’s Peacemaking Model to Violence
115Paul Elovitz with Molly Castelloe

118 Bulletin Board

121 Call For Papers

March 2014

383 Psychoanalytic Anthropology
109 Aaron R. Denham

395 Dreamwork and Fieldwork in Sri Lanka
115 Bambi L. Chapin

399 Participant Observation in Toxic Interactions
109 April Leininger

403 Intercultural Transference and Countertransference in a Divided Society
115 Ekaterina Anderson

408 Countertransference in an Anthropological Study of Violence in Pakistan
115 Nichola Khan

412 Formalizing the Interpersonal in Anthropological Field Research
115 Ute Eickelkamp

418 Culturally Constituted Defense Mechanisms for Globalization
115 Heather Rae-Espinoza

422 DMT, Ecocide, and the Western Psyche
115 Sebastian Job

427 A Psychoanalytic Ethnography among the Yagwoia
115 Jadran Mimica

431 Hidden Meanings at the Masters
115 Matthew Richard & Matt Newsom

435 Meaning and Political Subjectivity in Psychotic Illness
115 Sadeq Rahimi

439 Illness as Intimacy: Rethinking the Ego and the Id
115 Sara M. Bergstresser

443 Between Geertz and Kohut: Chicago in the 1960s
115 Robert A. LeVine

447 The Mixed Legacy of Gregory Bateson
115 Philip K. Bock

452 My Journey Toward and Within Psychoanalytic Anthropology
115Howard F. Stein


456 The Work of the Other
115Ellen Corin

461 Argentinidad or Neurosis
115Melissa Maldonado-Salcedo

465 Envy
165Allen Johnson

469 The Psychohistorical Roots of Apartheid
173 Hélène Opperman Lewis

473 The Loss of Ego Ideals, the Sadistic Superego, and Guilt
115Tom Ferraro

477 Reflections on Happiness from My Clinical Practice
115Neil Wilson

480 Encountering Psychobiography and Erik Erikson
115Alan C. Elms, William McKinley Runyan & James William Anderson

489 Psychoanalysis, Subjectivity, and History
115William R. Meyers

493 Genius or Cult: A Historical Examination of Genius
115Ken Fuchsman

496 The Compulsive Energy Building America
115George Johnson

499 Wine, Cheese, and Conscience at the Forum
115Paul Elovitz with Joyce Rosenberg

502 The Richards with the Online Forum Sponsor a Book Party
115Molly Castelloe

505 Bulletin Board

507 Call For Papers

December 2013

253 Social and Historical Influences on Psychoanalytic Thought
109 Donald L. Carveth

262 Women are Key to Modernity: A Tribute to Eli Sagan
115 Molly Castelloe

265 Arnold Richards: Disseminating Psychoanalysis
109 Paul H. Elovitz

270 Ideology and the Psychology of Political Extremism
115 Kenneth Rasmussen

275 A Portrait of Newtown: Before, During, and After
115 Ken Fuchsman

280 The Arab Spring Democratization Effort as a Flawed Identity Quest
115 Anna Geifman & Yuri Teper

284 Alex Rodriguez: The Handsome Superstar Nobody Loves
115 Tom Ferraro

288 Introduction to the Confluence of Poetry and Psychohistory
115 Howard F. Stein

292 Poetry as a Psychohistorical Source
115 David R. Beisel

299 Living in Kairos Time: The Uncanny Within Poetic Imagination
115 Irene Javors

303 From Primordial to Apocalyptic: Poetry and Psychohistory
115 Dan Dervin

310 We Don’t Need a Weatherman: We Need Poetry
115 Merle Molofsky

314 Poetry of 9/11: Trauma, Grief, and Imagination
115 Beatrice Beebe, Edward McCrorie & Billie Pivnick


324 Volkan and Miller: Why the Holocaust? Why Genocide?
115 Joyce M. Rosenberg

329 Featured Psychological Diplomat: Joseph V. Montville
115Paul H. Elovitz

341 Psychohistorians Lifton, deMause, and Volkan
115Paul H. Elovitz

350 What is Comical about What is Comic?
115Burton Norman Seitler

355 Anatomy of a Joke: Or How to Change Misery to Mirth
165Tom Ferraro

360 The Psychology of Humor Meeting Report
173 Joyce M. Rosenberg with Paul Elovitz

362 Carveth on Guilt in Psychoanalytic Thought
115David Lotto

365 Narcissism or Compassion?
115Merle Molofsky

368 A Magnum Opus on the Art and Science of Healing History
115Joseph V. Montville

372 The Historical Psychodynamics of Nazi Health Policy
115David R. Beisel

375 In Pursuit of the Nazi Mind
115Jacques Szaluta

378 Not Too Many Laughs, but Plenty of Insight
115Tom Ferraro

379 Bulletin Board

381 Call For Papers

September 2013

127 Editor's Introduction: Vamik Volkan Festschrift
109 Paul H. Elovitz

129 Vamik Volkan Interviewed About His Peacemaking Work
115Molly Castelloe

143 Getting to Know Him
109Norman Itzkowitz

145 A Man of Dedication
115Kenan Atakol

149 A Monumental Legacy
115Joseph V. Montville

153 The Influence of an Extraordinary Colleague
115Max Harris

156 A Bridge Builder at the Intersection
115Peter Loewenberg

158 An Inspiring Supervisor, Colleague, and Friend
115Ira Brenner

160 Why Vamik Volkan Deserves the Nobel Peace Prize
115John Jacob Hartman

162 A Professional Trajectory from Madness through Mourning to Mutuality
115Salman Akhtar

166 Eric Peters on Volkan as a Supervisor and Teacher
115Molly Castelloe

167 What Are We Treating?
115M. Gerard Fromm

172 Working with Authority
115Robi Friedman

176 Vamik Volkan's Willingness to Wade In
115J. Anderson Thomson

179 Making the World a Better Place in the Former Soviet Sphere
115Yuri Urbanovich

183 Listening to People through a Stethoscope
16Joyce Neu

187 A Life in the Service of Dialogue
17Peter Pogany-Wnendt, Johannes Pfafflin,
Erda Siebert & Berta Hammerich

192 The Impact of Volkan's Work in the Middle East
115Ilany Kogan

194 Political Psychology as an Emerging Field in Turkey
115Abdulkadir Cevik

197 Terror and Mourning in Norway
115Sverre Varvin

200 Unresolved Trauma: Turkey's Nostalgia and Anxiety
115Bahar Senem Cevik-Ersaydi

204 Nostalgia in the Immigrant Experience
115Ruth Lijtmaer

207 Apology, Forgiveness, and the Mourning Process
115Juhani Ihanus

211 What is Psychoanalysis? A Tribute to Vamik Volkan
115Henri Parens

214 Folds of Psychoanalysis
115Maurice Apprey

218 Poems in Honor of Vamik Volkan
115Howard Stein

219 Transitional Justice in the French Revolution & Post-Apartheid South Africa
115Barry Shapiro

228 War, Trauma, and Psychoanalysis: The Early Writings
115Ken Fuchsman

236 Veteran Suicide
115Jamshid A. Marvasti & Laila N. Marvasti


Bulletin Board

Psychohistory Forum & Clio's Psyche Luncheon Celebration

Call For Papers

June 2013

1 Varities of Empathy
109 Paul H. Elovitz

13 The Many Masks of Empathy
115Merle Molofsky

18 Approaches to a Collaborative and Reciprocal Process
109Heiderose Brandt Butscher

22 Caring about the Self and Others
115Herbert Barry III

24 Folk Wisdom and Kohut: Empathy is Being Human
115Lou Agosta

29 Pseudo-empathy: The Analyst's Help or Hindrance?
115Joyce Rosenberg

33 The New Psychoanalytic Ethic
115Frank Summers

37 "Thank You For Crying": Sometimes Too Much Empathy is not Enough!
115Judith Logue

41 Competing Views of Human Motivation and Psychology
115Ken Fuchsman

51 Emapthy and the Benevolent Colonizer
115Jessica Van Denend

55 Identifying with the Victim in Nazi Dominated Europe
115Peter Petschauer

59 Healing the Nightmare
115Valerie Brinton

62 The Harrowing Wisdom
115Tom Gibbs


64 Double Vision: Thoughts on the Boston and Oklahoma City Bombings
115Howard F. Stein

68 The Empath
115Tom Gibbs

69 Humor as a Psychohistorical Source
165David R. Beisel

76 Implications and Consequences of Ethnic Humor
173 Burton Norman Seitler

82 My Countertransference to a Patient's Racist Joke
115Ruth Lijtmaer

86 Friedman's Psychobiographical Comparison of Fromm and Erikson
115Paul H. Elovitz

97 The Impact of Natural and Human-Made Disasters in the Caucasus
115Anatoly Isaenko

101 Freud, Greek Narratives, and Biblical Counter-narratives: A Dialogue
115Kalman J. Kaplan & James William Anderson

111 Anger vs. Hate: The Politicizing of American Emotional Life
115Dan Dervin

119 A Psychobiography of Love's Prophet: Erich Fromm
115David Lotto

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers

June 5, 2013 Forum Celebration Luncheon

March 2013

371 Acute Trauma and the Previously Traumatized
109 David Reiss

375 We All Are Hit by Something
115Moe Armstrong

378 Annihilation Anxiety
109Victor Meladze

382 Working for FEMA in the Wake of Sandy

385 When Hit by a Hurricane
115Aviva Gitlin

388 My View of the Jersey Shore with Pleasure, Fear, and Guilt
115Leslie Rieches Gumbert

392 Hurricane Sandy as a Window into the Middle Ages
115Rosalie Maloney

395 Repairing Childhood Losses Through FEMA Work
115Paul Salstrom

397 A Journalist's Struggle with Natural Disaster and Her Emotions
115Nicole Alliegro

400 Home
115Elizabeth Danze

403 Searching for Extreme Weather and the Ambiguities of Diagnosis
115Joseph M. Kramp

407 The Evolution of Attitudes Toward Nature
115Nancy C. Unger

409 Hurricanes and Massacres
115Howard F. Stein

411 A Collage of Impressions of the Newtown Massacre
000 Paul H. Elovitz & the Clio's Psyche Listserv Members

457 Some Thoughts on Our Online Discussion
133 Paul H. Elovitz and Peter Petschauer

460 How a Dream Helps a Psychohistorian Learn About His Unconcious
133 Paul H. Elovitz

464 Concluding Thoughts of a European Historian
165Peter Petschauer

467 Speculation on the Whole Boy in Newtown
173 Elizabeth Berkshire

471 Denis J. O'Keefe: Social Worker and Psychohistorian

480 "Storying": Black History in Black Culture
165Merle Molofsky

484 Thoughts on the Burns-Elovitz Exchange on Conservatism
165James Allen, Walter Dull

486 Anderson Discussion Paper
165Arnold Richards

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers on Empathy: Its Development, Virtues, and Limits; The Psychological Uses and Meaning of Humor

December 2012

249 Psychohistorical Reflections on the 2012 Aurora Massacre
109 Howard F. Stein

254 Anger and Ideology: The Milwaukee Sikh Temple Shooting
115Glen Jeansonne & David Luhrssen

259 Ethnic Conflicts in the Caucasus and Women Suicide Bombers
109Anatoly Isaenko

263 Some Underpinnings of American Violence
115Peter Petschauer

267 The Ugly American
115Tom Ferraro

274 Anger, Discrimination, and Violence in Western Culture
115Astrid Cerny

278 Violence by Combat Veterans After Homecoming
115Jamshid A. Marvasti & Aubrey A. Wank

282 Civilians Going Beserk
115Peter Barglow

286 Soldiers Going Beserk
115Peter Barglow

289 Violence, War, and Being Human
115Ken Fuchsman

293 Communal Responses to Terrorism and Child Post-Trauma
115Anna Geifman & Tamara Reznikov

297 Approaches to Overcoming the Pressures of Pervasive Enemies
115Heiderose Brandt Butscher

302 Human Reactions to Nature's Violence
115Paul H. Elovitz

306 Integrative Thoughts on the Lifton versus Pinker Debate
115Denis O'Keefe

311 The Decline of Violence in an Era of Apocalyptic Danger
115Paul H. Elovitz

315 The "False Self" Projected on Obama by Many Republicans
165Jennifer Durham

318 Political Polarization in Contemporary America
173Kenneth Rasmussen

322 Featured Author Interview with Jennifer Burns
115Paul H. Elovitz

331 Some Thoughts on Ayn Rand
115Peter Petschauer

332 A Psychobiographer's Ruminations on Ayn Rand
115Paul H. Elovitz

334 A Male-Female Collaboration Research Question
115Paul Salstrom

337 Psychohistorical Meeting Report: Sagan's Psychoanalytic Social Theory
115Don Carveth

342 Poetry and Psychohistory
115Howard F. Stein

346 Individual and Collective Influences of Psychoanalytical History
115John Jacob Hartman

348 The Wagner Complex
115Jay Y. Gonen

351 Black Community and the Black Psyche
115Merle Molofsky

355 The Historian's Life of Joseph Dowling
115Paul H. Elovitz

356 Remembering My Mentor Sander Breiner
115Nancy Kobrin

359 The Psychiatrist/Psychoanalyst as Psychohistorian: Sander Breiner
115Paul H. Elovitz

360 Michael Flynn (1962-2012): In Memoriam

Letters to the Editor: Fogelman, Eisenstadt, Grahlfs, & Perez-Strumolo

Bulletin Board

September 2012

127 Romney: Identifying with and Pursuing His Father's Dreams
109 Paul H. Elovitz

133 A Mormon President?
115Philip Langer

138 Obama's Lifetime of Consensus-Building Fell Short in the White House
109Glen Jeansonne & David Luhrssen

142 Why Obama Probably Will Be Re-Elected
115Herbert Barry III

144 The Borderline Style in U.S. Politics
115Dan Dervin

154 Presidential Politics: When Is It Okay to Hate?
115Frederick Stecker

157 Editor's Introduction
115David Lotto

159 Lifton's Life Journey
115Carol Lachman

163 In A Dark Time
115Nicholas Humphrey

165 Robert Lifton, Vietnam Veterans, and PTSD
115Ken Fuchsman

169 Genocidal Agenda: Witnessing the Role of the Nazi Doctors
115David Beisel

173 Lifton on Healers Turned to Killers
115Allan Mohl

175 Using Lifton's Work in Teaching the Holocaust
115Eric Sterling

179 Lifton's "Historical Dislocation" Applied to Russia
115Anna Geifman

182 A "Yes Man" In All the Right Ways
115Ayla Humphrey

184 Reflections on a Memoir: The Mind of a Moralist
165David Lotto

188 The Influence of Freud's Jewishness on His Creation of Psychoanalysis
173 James William Anderson

196 Historical Reflections on Sigmund Freud's "Talmudic Way of Thinking"
115Patricia Cotti

199 Freud as an Atheist Jew
115John Jacob Hartman

202 Freud as a Jew First, Psychoanalyst Second
115Allan Mohl

204 Freudian Dream Interpretation as a Shibboleth
115Juhani Ihanus

207 Freud and His Jewishness
115Norman Simms

210 Anderson's Inaccurate View of Freud's Jewishness
115Jerome A. Chanes & Eva Fogelman

212 On Freud and Judaism
115Anna Geifman & George Khasin

215 What Freud Missed
115Vivian Rosenberg

217 What's in a Name: Who is Sigismund Schlomo Freud?
115Merle Molofsky

220 Freud: More Hellenistic Than Hebraic
115Don Carveth

223 It's Deja Vu All Over Again
115Frederick Stecker

225 Religious Culture as a Powerful Influence
115Nancy C. Unger

228 Anderson's Further Reflections on Sigmund Freud and Judaism

233 Obama and Family
115Ken Fuchsman

236 The Drive for Recognition and Power
115Carol Lachman

239, 240 Memorials: Mary Lambert and Betty Glad
115Nicole Alliegro & Paul H. Elovitz

241, 243 Rasmussen and Beisel on the Loewenberg Festschrift

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers

June 2012

1 Dimensions of Animal-Human Interactions
109 Paul H. Elovitz

7 Freud's and Our Myth of "the Beast"
115Donald L. Carveth

11 How We Treat Animals and the Character of Being Human
109Ken Fuchsman

15 Pets as Teachers of Empathy?
115Samantha Scott & Sara Konrath

19 Fear, Shame, and Animal Aversion
115Merle Molofsky

23 Patient Transference on a Therapist's Dog
115Paul Giorgianni

27 What Is It About Cats?
115Joyce Rosenberg

31 Bunnyboy and Me: Fighters for Each Other
115Nancy Laracy

33 Reflections of Companion Animal Loss
115Irene Javors

37 The Psychological Impact of Seeing Animals in Their Own World
115Nancy C. Unger

40 The Emotional Life of Dogs and Recommended Reading
115Richard Lyman

44 American Exceptionalism and the Mission of Democracy
115Peter Loewenberg

50 Honoring the Accomplishments of the Living: Festschrifts in Clio's Psyche
115Paul H. Elovitz

53 A Loewenberg Selected Bibliography
115Caitlin Adams & Paul Elovitz

57 Loewenberg Early History
115Samuel Loewenberg

61 Reflecting on My Father from China
165Anna Sophie Loewenberg

64 My Friend Peter
173 Josh Hoffs

68 Personal Friend and Professional Colleague
115Michael H. Kater

71 Letters to Loewenberg from a Distinguished American Historian
115Carl Schorske

74 Teacher, Mentor, Trailblazer
115Geoffrey Cocks

77 Friendship, Vision, and Kindness
115Judy Wolfenstein

78 Countertransference and Mentorship
115David Lee

80 Profound Influence
115Jack Fitzpatrick

82 Mentor, Scholar, Exemplar, Colleague, and Friend
115Nellie Thompson

87 An Appreciation
115Jacques Szaluta

90 Psychoanalytic Humanist, Visionary, and Friend
115David James Fisher

96 Contributions to Psychohistory
115Ken Fuchsman

100 Bridge Builder to China
115Maria Teresa Savio Hooke

103 Forging a Western Psychoanalytic Alliance with China
115Joseph v. Montville

107 Expanding the Historical Argument without End
115Robert Dallek

108 The Nazi Youth Cohort
115David Beisel

113 Hate in Times of Pestilence
115Samuel K. Cohn, Jr.

117 When the Diagnosis Was Social
115Paul Salstrom

120 Psychohistorical Essays on the Leader
115Paul Salstrom

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers on Violence, Lifton and Election 2012

March 2012

375 Repair Theory and Creativity
109 Andrew Brink

382 Freud and Leonardo: Clash of the Titans
115Dan Dervin

387 A Paradox of Creativity
109Ken Fuchsman

392 Psychobiographic Profiles: The Inner World of Three Giants of Literature
115Alexander J. Nemeth

396 The Paradoxical Notion of Sexuality in Antonia White's Frost in May
115Marcia Anne Newton

400 Evelyn Waugh and Brideshead Revisited
115Joyce M. Rosenberg

405 Voyaging with an Art Journal to the Creative Self
115Jean Oggins

409 Rainer Rilke's Artistic Expression and Transformation
115Heiderose Brandt Butscher

414 The Father, the Mother, and the Other: The Case of James Merrill
115Carole Brooks Platt

418 Anxiety of Influence or Influence Easing Anxiety?
115Merle Molofsky

421 A Psychodynamic Theory of Creativity: Greenacre and Shakespeare
115Joel Markowitz

425 Reflections on S. Ansky's The Dybbuk: The "Queerness of Creativity"
115Irene Javors

429 "What'll It Be?": Stanley Kubrick and History
115Geoffrey Cocks

433 "Defiant" Creativity: Rafäel Schacter and Verdi's Requiem in Terezin
000 Karen Uslin

437 Encouragement and Perseverance: Lives of Some Working-Class Artists
133 Susan Gregory

442 Art and Neurosis: A Myth
133 Norman Simms

446 Molly Castelloe: Scholar of Psychoanalysis and Theater Arts
165Bob Lentz

459 Agon: A "Muse" for Sontag
173 Irene Javors

461 Kendall's Noah Webster and the Creation of American Culture
173 Andrew Brink

463 Election 2012 Free Associations and Psychohistorical Questions
165Paul H. Elovitz

474 A Dangerous Mind
165Ken Fuchsman

477 Awaiting Death at the Theatre
165Tom Ferraro

479 Remebering Andrew Brink's Search for Knowledge
165Paul H. Elovitz

488 Reflections on Andrew Brink's Creativity Studies
165Rachel Youdelman

487 Andrew Brink: Attachment, Mentorship, and Loss
165George M. Johnson

490 The Psychoanalytic Life of Elisabeth Young-Bruehl
165Paul H. Elovitz

491 In Light of Elisabeth Young-Bruehl
165Molly Castelloe

496 Obama: A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?
165Tom Ferraro

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers on the Psychology of Human-Animal Relationships; Peter Loewenberg and Robert Jay Lifton Special Issues; and Psychohistorical Explorations of Election 2012

December 2011

249 Creative Lives with Reference to Arthur Miller and The Crucible
109 James William Anderson

260 Reductionism and Concientious Politics
115Donald L. Carveth

262 Psychological Functions of Artistic Creativity
109Alan C. Elms

265 Creativity Flows from Our Lives
115Paul H. Elovitz

269 Arthur Miller's Self-Understanding in The Crucible
115Ken Fuchsman

273 Arthur Miller's "Jewish Question": Absence Configures Presence
115Richard Landes

275 The Intersection of the Personal and the Political
115Josie Oppenheim

281 Theories of Creativity in a Historical Lens
115Monisha Pasupathi, Vinala C. Pasupathi & Benjamin Armintor

284 The Artist's Unfinished Business
115Lisa Ruddick

289 The Best Psychobiography
115William Todd Schultz

290 Psychobiography: A Useful Tool for Interpreting Art?
115Tobias Van Assche

293 Anderson Responds: Further Reflections on the Psychology of Artistic Creativity
115James William Anderson

299 Carol Bird Ravenal: Creative Connections
115Carol Bird Ravenal

313 My Mother and My Art
000 Krystyna Sanderson

317 Behind the Mask: The Fascist Heroism of Romaine Brooks' Portraits
133 Cassandra Langer

322 The Quest for Containment and Assertion in the Art of Louise Bourgeois
133 Carol Lachman

325 Inside a Tightly Closed Balloon: Magdalena Abakanowicz
165Maxine Nelson

339 Frederick Law Olmsted: Tormented Genius
173 Nancy C. Unger

343 Schultz's Arbus: Psychology Trumps Artistry
173 Paul Salstrom

347 A Dialogue of the Impact of a Mother on Her Son Barack Obama
173 Paul H. Elovitz & Ken Fuchsman

357 On the Psychoanalytic Sociology of Eli Sagan
173Donald L. Carveth

361 A Culture of Bullies: An English Boys' Boarding School Experience
173 Ray Cunnington

365 An Additional Response to Beisel: Why the Blind Spots?
173 Daniel Rancour-Laferriere

368 Eigen on Object-Relations
165Dan Dervin

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers on the Psychology of Animal-Human Relationships; Peter Loewenberg and Robert J. Lifton Special Issues; and Explorations of Election 2012

September 2011

123 Military and Diplomatic Blind Spots and Traumatic Reenactments
109 David Beisel

134 Moths to Flames
115Francis A. Beer

137 The Battle of Hürtgen Forest
109Sander Breiner

138 Denials and Disavowals
115Nathan Carlin

141 Washington Policy Makers
115Paul H. Elovitz

143 Models in Psychoanalytic Historical Research
115Karl Figlio

146 American Wars and Reliving Trauma
115Ken Fuchsman

149 Blind Spots and Seeing Spots
115Ted Goertzel

150 Traumatic Memory, Blind Spots and Remembering
115Juhani Ihanus

154 The Weight of the Unconscious
115Paul F. Jankowski

156 Popular Blindness as National Trauma
115Daniel Klenbort

158 Denial or Selective Perception?
115Philip Langer

161 Is There More to Psychohistory?
115David Lotto

164 Psychological Influence Outweighs Blind Spots
115Richard Lyman

167 Saving Face, Chosen Traumas, and Chosen Glories
115Alice Maher

168 Weak Leaders and Self-Deception
165Jamshid A. Marvasti

171 The Role of Shock and Surprise
173 Paul Salstrom

175 Do Scientific Geniuses Also Have Blind Spots?
115Dean Keith Simonton

177 Denial or Mistake?
115Frank Summers

179 Beisel Responds: Overcoming Resistance to Comparative, Psychological, & Trauma History
115David Beisel

184 Featured Scholar Interview, Nancy C. Unger: A Life of Asking "Why?"
115Bob Lentz

196 Elizabeth Edwards: Song and Sorrows
115Molly Castelloe

200 The Life and Art of Friendship of Rudolph Binion
115Paul H. Elovitz

209 My Own Identical Twin
115Rudolph Binion

209 Rudolph Binion's Traumatic Encounter with Frau Lau
115Deborah Hayden

215 Recollections of Rudolph Binion
115Robert Aldrich, David Beisel, Mary Coleman, Samuel K. Cohn, Jr., Jay Y. Gonen, Amy Hackett, Patricia Herlihy, Paul F. Jankowski, Brett Kahr, Wallace Katz, Stephen Kern, David Lewis-Hodgson, Jennifer MacDonald, Paul Monaco, Melanie Murphy, Peter Petschauer, Paul Salstrom, Olga Shutova, Jaques Szaluta, David G. Troyansky, Tim Wright, Irvin D. Yalom

238 The Life of Victor Wolfenstein (1940-2010)
115Bob Lentz and Paul H. Elovitz

242 Remembering Victor Wolfenstein
115Peter Loewenberg

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers on the Psychology of Creativity for the December Issue

June 2011

1 A Psychoanalytic Approach to Exceptionalism in Foreign Policy
109 Frank Summers

9 Extreme American Exceptionalism: Narcissism and Paranoia
115Paul H. Elovitz

16 Underlying Symptoms and Dynamics
109Richard Booth

21 The Rise of Pathological Narcissism, Political Decline, and Illusion
115Hanna Turken

23 Extreme Varieties of Exceptionalism
115Elisabeth Young-Bruehl

28 On Moral Narcissism and the Masochistic Omnipotence Syndrome
115Richard Landes

32 Identifying Group Processes in Psychoanalytic Terms
115Philip Langer

34 Puritan Roots of American Exceptionalism
115Ken Fuchsman

39 American Hubris in Action
115Peter Petschauer

42 The Myth of American Exceptionalism
115Francis A. Beer

46 From de Tocqueville to Baudrillard, Lasch, and Bacevich
115Tom Ferraro

51 A Critical View
115Kurt Jacobsen

54 American Exceptionalism Is Not Benign
115David Lotto

57 A Cover for Imperialism?
000 Jamshid A. Marvasti

61 Delusion in Foreign Policy
133 Wallace Katz

65 My Return to Vietnam
133 John Hellman

69 A Self-Defeating Idea
165Michael Aaron Rockland

71 The Role of the Individual, the State, and Religion in the U.S. and France
173 Charles G. Cogan

75 An Expatriate Takes Exception
173 Norman Simms

79 A Letter from Canada to My American Cousins
173 Donald Carveth

82 American Narcissism: A Much Needed Discourse
173Frank Summers

85 Denial, Distraction, and Fantasy
173 Paul H. Elovitz

91 Daniel Rancour-Laferriere: Psychoanalytic Scholar of Russia and Religion
173 Paul H. Elovitz

103 Jill Lepore, The Whites of Their Eyes: The Tea Party's Revolution
165Paul H. Elovitz

107 Dan McAdam, George W. Bush and the Redemptive Dream
165Bill Peterson

110 Christina Simmons, Kristin Celello, and Rebecca Davis on Marriage
165Ken Fuchsman

115 Letters to the Editor

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers

March 2011

275 The Family Romance Transformed
109 Ken Fuchsman

285 An Exchange of Freud and the Family Romance
115Dan Dervin and Ken Fuchsman

287 Therapy and the Rearrangement of Domestic Life
109Michael Britton

290 Fuchsman and the Retreat from Marriage and Parenthood
115Paul Elovitz

293 The Effects on Children
115Joseph Kramp

295 The Importance of Family Economics
115Florette Cohen

298 Consumer Capitalism: Removing Impediments to Pleasure
115Donald Carveth

300 U.S. Military Families: Unrecognized Casualities of Modern Warfare
115Jamshid Marvasti and Nina Dadlez

303 Family Permutations Reconsidered
115Ken Fuchsman

308 Through a Lens Darkly: Transference in Today's Marriage
115Eva Fogelman and Peace Sullivan

312 The Family Life of the Artist and the Cost of Fame
115Tom Ferraro

315 The Decline of Marriage Due to Psychosexual Motivations
115Joel Markowitz

317 Husbands and Wives: Men and Nymphs
115Peter Petschauer

321 Mr. Mom and Mrs. Breadwinner: A Personal Account
000 Audrey Falk

324 Back to the Future: Three-generation Families in a Changing Economy
133 Pat Oles

328 Two Streams of Polygamy in America
133 Allan Mohl

331 Family Crises and Healing by Nature
165Ehor Boyanowsky and Alexei Boyanowsky

334 Obama and the Hatred of Thought
173 C. Fred Alford

339 All War Deaths and Suffering Are Memorable
173 Peter Petschauer

344 Rudolph Binion, Traumatic Reliving in History, Literature, and Film
165Jay Gonen

346 Anna Geifman, Death Orders: The Vanguard of Modern Terrorism
165Philip Pomper

348 Philip Pomper, Lenin's Brother: The Origins of the October Revolution
165Juhani Ihanus

352 Nancy Hollander, Uprooted Minds: Surviving the Politics of Terror
165Frank Summers

355 Glen Jeansonne, James Kloppenberg, and David Remnick on Obama
165Ken Fuchsman

359 Avner Falk, The Riddle of Barack Obama: A Psychobiography
165Paul Elovitz

362 Barry Spector, Madness at the Gates of the City
165Jacques Szaluta

367 Reflections on Anti-Semitism
165Merle Molofsky

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers

December 2010

168 Psychology of Anti-Semitism and Philo-Semitism
109 Eva Fogelman and Jerome Chanes

174 A Contemporary Case of Narcissistic Superiority
115Nathan Carlin

177 The Evolution of Anti-Semitism: Historical and Psychological Roots
109Alan Mohl

182 The Psychological Story of Anti-Semitism
115Sander Breiner

186 The Pope Adopts a Kidnapped Jewish Son
115Dan Dervin

190 Hans Blüher, National Socialism, Freud, and Anti-Semitism
115Juhani Ihanus

195 Anti-Semitism's New Expression: Anti-Israel
115Florette Cohen

200 Free Association on Anti-Semitism, Israel, and Objectivity
115Jamshid A. Marvasti

205 "A State within a State": Freud's Disavowal of Anti-Semitism
115Jay Geller

210 The Appeal of Orthodox Judaism
115Sharon Pace

215 Until the Last Anti-Semite Dies
115Paul H. Elovitz

221 My "Great World" Among the Goyim
115Wallace Katz

225 A Child of the Holocaust Survivors Meets the Children of Nazis
115Ruth Neubauer

230 Reliving Trauma Unawares: The Clinical Clincher
000 Rudolph Binion

235 Voyeurism of the Truman Show
133 Kimberly Mahaffey

241 Jerry Z. Muller, Capitalism and the Jews
133 Paul H. Elovitz

245 Nancy Hartevelt Korbin, The Banality of Suicide Terrorism
165Leah Slivko

248 Charles Strozier et. al., eds., The Fundamentalist Mindset
173 Anna Geifman

254 Noel G. Charlton, Understanding Gregory Bateson
165Paul Salstrom

257 Stalin Scholar Robert C. Tucker
165Fred I. Greenstein

260 Advocate for Children Alice Miller
165Peggy McLaughlin

264 Editorial Board Member and Psychologist Leon Rappoport
165Ronald Downey and Paul H. Elovitz

266 The Influence of Childhood Experience: Robert N. Butler
165Nora O'Brien and Paul H. Elovitz

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers

June and September 2010

1 Peter Gay's Classic Freud For Historians
109 Ken Fuchsman

5 How Dodds' The Greeks and the Irrational Changed My Life
115Eli Sagan

9 L. Pierce Clark: An Early Psychobiographer
109Paul H. Elovitz and Elizabeth Wirth Marvick

17 Henry Lawton and J. Lee Shneidman
115Paul Elovitz

22 America's First Psychobiographer: Preserved Smith and Luther
115Paul H. Elovitz and Elizabeth Wirth Marvick

28Self Affirmation and Ethics in Erikson's Psychohistory
115Joseph Kramp

31Sons of Liberty: Norman O. Brown's Love's Body
115Ken Fuchsman

36 Psychohistorians, Nazis, Violence, and Fear
115Peter Petschauer

42 Turning Swords Into Plowshares: Lifton and Volkan
115Benjamin Figueroa

47Bruce Mazlish's Psychohistorical Contributions
115Juhani Ihanus

52 A Critical Review of Lasch's The Culture of Narcissism
115Tom Ferraro

58 Irving Harris' The Promised Seed
115Herbert Barry III

60 Why I Write Books about Creativity
115Andrew Brink

65 Reliving with Freud
000 Rudolph Binion

86 Responses By
133 James William Anderson, Robert D. Anderson, Michael Britton, Paul H. Elovitz, Tom Ferraro, Kenneth Fuchsman, James M. Glass, Judith Harris, Wallace Katz, David Lotto, Joel Markowitz, Paul Salstrom, Jack Schwartz, Burton Seitler, Norman Simms, Stanley Teitelbaum

142 Binion's Response

143 Identity and Other Issues in the Proposed DSM-V
165Sarah Kamens

148 Trauma in the Third Estate, 1789
173 David R. Beisel

152 Letters to the Editor

Bulletin Board

Call For Papers

March 2010


334 Exploring the Psychohistory of the Need to Emulate
000 Paul Elovitz

Ego Ideals

349 Sigmund Freud's Heroes and the Concept of Ego Ideals
000Jacques Szaluta

356 Freud and Me: Idealizations and Over-Idealization
000 David Lotto

360 Ralph Colp's Creative Identification with Charles Darwin
000Paul Elovitz

365 My Mother as My Ego Ideals
000Merle Molofsky

370 My Literary Mentors: Three Men and One Woman
000Peter Petschauer

375 The Statues of Central Park as Ego Ideals
000Mary Castelloe Fong

Teachers are Role Models

379 The Courage of Stanley Milgram
000 Harold Takooshian

382 How the Gift of Compassion Changed My Life
000 LaToya Lewis

387 The Professor as a Role Model for Love, Loss, and Recovery
000 Jeffrey Berman

Mentors, Mentoring, and Heroes

391 "M" Word: Fears and Fantasies
000 Bonnie Oglensky

396 Mrs. Seyfert and Mozart
000Susan Gregory

400 Career and Personal Role Models, Heroes, and Mentors
000Michael Isaacs

405 My Heroes Are What I Am Not
000 Millicent Lambert

Sports Heroes

409 Falling Heroes: Why Heroes Tend to Self-Destruct
000 Tom Ferraro

413 My Hero is a Nine-Year-Old, Not a Celebrity
000Christine Silverstein

418 Sports Heroes and Mental Health Problems
000Stanley Teitelbaum

423 Voltaire: An Adored, Un-heroic National Hero
000Alexander Nemeth

428 Past National Currency Trauma and Actions of Central Bankers
000Robert Dimand and Robert Koehn

International Views of Health Care

433 Canadians Watch the American Health Care Struggle
000Andrew and Helen Brink

437 A Finnish Perspective on Health Care
000 Juhani Ihanus

Letters to the Editor

441Reflections on "Death Commisions" Neil Wilson

443 From the Navy to Sociology
000F. Lincoln Grahlfs

446 My Peace Movement Paul Salstrom

450 An Appreciation of Psychohistory
000Tom Burzi

452 Bulletin Board


September 2009


107 A Psychohistorical Retrospective of September 11, 2001
109Paul H. Elovitz

121 American Exceptionalism and the Apocalyptic Dimension of 9/11
115Charles B. Strozier

125 The Collapsed Twin Towers: The Symbol for a Culture Adrift
115Tom Ferraro

Healing and Living with PTSD and Terrorism

129 Reflections on My Psychotherapeutic Work at Ground Zero
115Irene Javors

132 Learning From 9/11 First Responders How to Live With Our Fears
115Robert Qauckenbush

137 Learning from Israel: Open to Life
115Danielle Knafo

Academic Studies

142 The Impact of 9/11 on American Psychology
115Ann Saltzman

148 Variable Effects of Terrorism: From the Lab to the Real World
115Francis A. Beer, Alice F. Healy, Lyle E. Bourne Jr.

153 The Absurdity of Terror
115Mathew Bowker


158 Playing the Trauma Card after 9/11?
115Dan Dervin

164 Ambivalence and Apathy Regarding Post 9/11 Torture
115Jerry Piven

169 Nancy Kobrin's Journey from Psychoanaylsis to Fighting Terrorism
115Paul H. Elovitz

Historical and International Terrorism

183 Terrorism's Cult of Death Against Children in Beslan
115Anna Geifman

188 Editor's Introduction to State Terrorism

189 The Efficacy of Terror in Classical Greece and Rome
115Richard Lyman

195 Gorgias, the Encomium of Helen, and the Trauma of War
115Lawrence Tritle

The Value of Psychohistory

200 What is Psychohistory Good For?
000 David R. Beisel

201 How Will You Use Psychohistory?
133 Paul H. Elovitz

Book Review

203 Berman's use of Death to Teach about Life
133 Judith Harris

Psychohistory Forum Meeting Report

209 Exploring the Psychobiography of an Elusive Artist
165Cassandra Langer, Irene Javors, and Paul H. Elovitz

217 Bulletin Board

216 Call for Papers: The Psychology of Heroes, Role Models, and Mentors

219 Call for Papers: The Psychology of Health Care and Health Reform


September 2008

Psychology of Presidential Candidates Part II

57 Obama’s Oneiric Experience and Rhetoric
000 Kelly Bulkeley

57 A Psychologist’s Ambivalence toward McCain and 000Obama
000 Burton Norton Seitler

61 The Values and Integrative Integrity of McCain 000and Obama
000 Rajiv Jhangiani, et al.

62 Leaders from Broken Homes: Obama, Lula, etc
000Ted Goertzel

64 Race in America and the 2008 Election
000Paul H. Elovitz

70 Obama’s Dreams from and of His Father
000Paul H. Elovitz


57 Montague Ullman Memorial
000 Gardner, Gilden, Kripner, Lotto, Pannier, Potts,
000 Van de Castle, and Elovitz

57 John F. Kennedy: Illness, War and Mortality
000 Ken Fuchsman

179 A Masterful Psychobiography of Voltaire
000 Review by James Anderson

91 Reflections on Organizational Psychology
000 Review by Herbert Barry

92 Bettelheim Undeconstructed
000 Review by Rudolph Binion

94 Letters to the Editor on Politics
000 Hanna Turken, Sander Breiner, and Phil Langer

98 Letters to the Editor on Konia and Teaching
000 Ted Goertzel and Sho Araiba

101 In Memoriam: Otto Paul Pflanze
000Paul H. Elovitz

101 Bulletin Board

102 Call for Papers: Love and Hate Retrospective

103 Call for Papers: Psychology of Death and


June 2008

Sports Psychology

1 Gender Benders in Women’s Tennis
000Daniel Dervin

1 Athletes on the Couch
000Tom Ferraro

6 Sports Celebrity Justice
000Stanley H. Teitelbaum

8 Gladiators’ End
000Daniel Dervin

9 NBA Dress Code: Changing Behavior?
000Peter Anderson

11 The Quest for Excitement
000Daniel Klenbort

13 Sources of Success in Sports
000 Herbert Barry III

13 Psychoanalytic Consultation in Sports
000Robert Pyles

16 Baseball as the National Pastime
000 Andy Abrams

19 Child Abuse and Baseball: Torre and
000 Paul H. Elovitz

26 Gymnastics and Female Body Image and Identity
000 Aino Sarje

27My Sporting Life
000 Joe Illick

28 The Quest of the Hunter-Gatherer
000 Ehor Boyanowsky


1 The Politics of Trauma: Iraq as Vietnam
000 Rudolph Binion

1 Featured Scholar: Fred I. Greenstein
000 Paul H. Elovitz

39 The Passion of Mel Gibson
000 Review by Glen Jeansonne and David Lehrssen

41 Makari’s History of Psychoanalysis
000 Review by Kenneth Fuchsman

43 The Death of Susan Sontag
000 Review by Irene Javors

45 Letters to the Editor in Response to Aging
000 Lincoln Grahlfs, Neil Wilson, Marvin Eisenstadt

47 Letter to the Editor on Election 2008
000 Nancy C. Unger

47 Letter to the Editor on Jews and Baseball
000 Joe Dorinson

51 Remembering Norman Cohn
000 Henry R. Lawton

52 Call for Papers: Psychology of Death and Dying

53 Call for Papers: Love and Hate Retrospective

53 Bulletin Board

54 Call for Papers: Psychology of Election 2008


March 2008

105 The Special Issue on the Psychology of Aging
000Norah O'Brien1000000000000Julia Burger
000Robert Quackenbush1000000Richard Lyman
000Peter Petschauer1000000000Joan Seymour
000Lorraine Andreana O’Brien100Willa Bernhard
000Paul H. Elovitz100000000000Sander Breiner
000Michael Isaacs100000000000Norman Simms

133 George E. Vaillant: Featured Scholar on Aging
000Paul H. Elovitz

105 Dialogue on the Relevance of Presidential Elections
000David Lotto and Paul H. Elovitz

147 Obama the Reconciler
000Glen Jeansonne and David Luhrssen


24 Probing the Don Imus Media Event
000Dan Dervin

25 Thirty Years of the IPA
000 David R. Beisel

148 Falk’s Examination of Napoleon’s Self-Defeatism
000 Book Review by Jacques Szaluta

150 Heller-Roazen on Language Relations
000 Book Review by Juhani Ihanus

152 Dynamic Psychology in British Novels
000 Book Review by Judith Harris

153 Letters to the Editor
000 Herbert Barry, Dan Dervin, and Daniel Rancour-Laferriere

157 Bulletin Board

157 Call for Papers on the Psychology of Sports

158 Call for Papers on the Psychology of
000Confronting Death and Dying and Election 2008


Psychology Of Presidential Candidates

41 Looking for Mr. (Far) Right
000Dan Dervin

41 Measuring and Comparing Psychological Traits
000 Mark Schafer and Christopher White

45 Complexity and Values of Candidates
000and Obama
000Lindi Cassel, Ryan Cross, Viktoria Ivanova,
000Rajiv Jhangiani, Katya Legkaia, and Peter Suedfeld

48 Public Forgiveness Despite Media Condemnation
000Nancy C. Unger

50 Choosing Continuity and Change
000Herbert Barry III

52 Red States-Blue States and the Politics of
000Tom Ferraro

54 Reflections on the Powers of Virgins and Martyrs
000 Sara Konrath

55 Motivation in the Candidacies of Obama and
000Nadra Hashim

58 “Fear Factor” Presidency? Obama and Race,
000Ethnicity, and Religion
000Karen Callaghan

60 Democratic Candidate Authenticity in Campaign
000David Greenberg

63 How Bill Clinton Ruined the Democratic Party
000Jean Hantman

67 Mourning in America: Apocalyptic Melancholia
000Dereck Daschke

70 Self-Deception and Obedience: Mitt Romney
000Robert D. Anderson

73 Giuliani as His Father’s Son
000Paul H. Elovitz

84 Election Free Associations
000Paul H. Elovitz

41 Schumpeter:The Economist in a Symphonic
000Book Review by David Felix

41 Opposites Are One in the “Art” of Andrew Brink
000Book Review by Carol Bird Ravenal

93 Icons and the Healing Power of Religion
000Book Review by Donald L. Carveth

95 Fairbairn’s Contribution to Psychoanalysis
000Book Review by Andrew Brink

98 Ending Cycles of Violence Based Upon
000Book Review by Michael Britton

100 Don Imus Was Wrecked by Success
000Letter to the Editor by Tom Ferraro

101 In Memoriam: Benjamin Brody
000Paul H. Elovitz

102 Remembering Ben Brody
000David Felix

99/101/103-104 Calls for Papers and Bulletin Board

June/September 2007

1 The Psychohistory of Atrocity in Civil Wars
000Kenneth Fuchsman

7 Reflections on Fuchsman’s Discussion of Atrocity
000David Lotto

8 The Psychological Roots of Bush’s Iraq Obstinacy
000Philip Langer and Bob Pois

1 James M. Glass: Listener, Teacher, and Scholar
000C. Fred Alford

1 Jefferson Without Idealization
000Paul H. Elovitz

24 Probing the Don Imus Media Event
000Dan Dervin

25 Thirty Years of the IPA
000David R. Beisel

28 Organizing International Psychohistory
000Paul H. Elovitz

31 Burston on Erikson’s Impact and Heroic Myth
000Book Review by Leon Rappoport

33 Letter to the Editor on the Holocaust
000Flora Hogman

33 In Memorial: Isaac Zieman, Survivor and
000 Eva Fogelman and Paul Elovitz

36 Call for Papers on the Art and Psychology of

37 Call for Papers on the Psychology of Elections

39 Call for Papers on the Psychology of Facing
000Death and Dying

38 Bulletin Board