Allow me to begin by saying, you can’t make this stuff up. I am sure Howard is smiling. His exceptional creativity and productivity are in the zone of not being able to make it up. Our over 30-year friendship and ever-evolving collaboration exploring leadership and organizational dynamics that you could not in fact make up have challenged him to make sense of the dynamics by drawing on his multidisciplinary knowledge. Most recently, our Psychoanalytic Insights into Social, Political, and Organizational Dynamics: Understanding the Age of Trump (2022) presented him as a worthy challenge after exploring how applied poetry informs understanding of lived experience in organizations. Now, a short book of collaborative poetry just accepted for publication, Whiteboardings – Creating Collaborative Poetry in a Third Space, is yet another “outside the box” boundary-breaking project.

Our friendship and collaboration led me to deeply appreciate his humanity as well as his thought archived in his list of publications. Howard has always embraced the possibilities of new ideas and he dares to develop new and different projects such as writing his play Irv incorporating many of his workplace poems.

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His humble approach to making sense of social, cultural, political, and organizational dynamics is accompanied by the true spirit of an explorer willing to face the uncertainty and the associated anxiety of not knowing where his path is leading. There is resident in this an appreciation of a sense of freedom and joy that he brings to exploring the many possibilities strewn about in dysfunctional organizations with toxic leaders. You can’t make this stuff up. In doing so, he provides important insights for all of us that would not be possible without his exceptional interdisciplinary approach to sense-making. This occasion celebrates his courage to create and his joy of discovery that have made possible his biography and CV. You could not, in fact, make this stuff up.

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Seth Allcorn

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