One of my first encounters with Larry Friedman was in 2011 at the Harvard Public Intellectuals Annual Conference. From then on, this great and widely renowned scholar has become my dearest friend and mentor. I feel great admiration for his informal and humble way of being. As a humanitarian, he encourages everyone around him to freely discuss their own thoughts. For him, human dignity and respect must be at the center of any academic discussion. These values he upholds have brought us together, either by organizing conferences (Lisbon and Azores) or guiding us along the hard and sometimes painful process of writing. His original way of framing questions has challenged me, and his deeply knowledgeable method of deconstructing complex matters has helped me learn to interrogate myself, my intellectual commitments, and the world around me.

I feel grateful for:
-The time he visited me and brought E. B. White’s Charlotte’s Web for my eldest daughter
-Being the one chosen to throw his 80th birthday party online
-The times when he shares jokes with me and talks about the important things in both our lives
-Being pushed to another level of critical interrogation during our joint writing process
-His mentoring and especially his genuine friendship.

May all readers enjoy this Festschrift! Also to you, Larry, congratulations! What a great writing festa.

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Pilar Damião de Medeiros

Pilar Damião de Medeiros, PhD, holds her degree from Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, Germany (2007). She is an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of the Azores, Portugal. She has published four books as well as several scholarly articles and book chapters on: cultural sociology and critical theory; intellectuals, activism, and the public sphere; and cultural and creative industries. She is a member of the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences who can be contacted at .

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