I met Howard decades ago, probably in the mid-1980s, at a dinner Lloyd deMause (my husband), I, and our very young daughter hosted him at our apartment in Manhattan. But I did not know much about him other than that he was the editor of The Journal of Psychoanalytic Anthropology, a journal started by Lloyd in addition to The Journal of Psychohistory (JOP). I knew that Lloyd thought very highly of Howard—his scholarship, multitudinous accomplishments, and skills as editor—first and foremost as a very humane person who was considered by Lloyd to be a good friend.

I began to learn more about who Howard is when I became gradually and then more fully involved in the publication of The Journal of Psychohistory beginning in 2012 as it was becoming apparent that Lloyd was showing cognitive impairment and a diminishing ability to efficiently run it. David Lotto graciously took over the editorial work and I took over the copyediting and all other

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tasks related to publication.

This required that I carefully read and copyedit all submissions scheduled for each issue. I quickly became fascinated and slowly wiser from reading Howard’s articles. My position now required that I have a back-and-forth communication with authors. Because of this, my relationship with Howard began to develop. Since Howard is so prolific and has published numerous articles in the JOP, I have had the pleasure of many email exchanges and have appreciated his warmth, generosity of spirit, and his most humble appreciation of my efforts toward the final product, which pale in comparison to what he puts into each and every one of his works. There is rarely anything to question or edit since his writing is so clear.

In so many of his writings, who Howard is—a deeply thoughtful and compassionate human being—is revealed, which has also been revealed to me in our email exchanges as we share some of our thoughts and feelings not only related to his writings or psychohistory but also of a personal nature. Howard’s poetry is beyond beautiful and further exposes the depth of this artist’s being. When reading it, I feel as though I am experiencing the myriad of journeys along with him. I appreciate each and every trip.

Thank you, Howard, for being such a warm, loving, and compassionate person and sharing so much of yourself with me and others.

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Susan Hein

Susan Hein, LP, is a psychoanalyst in private practice in New York City, an adjunct lecturer in the Social Science Department at City Tech, CUNY, and publisher of and administrator for The Journal of Psychohistory. She can be contacted at heinsusan@aol.com.

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