Transgenerational—what is it?
It’s when you have a painful hole in your soul,
Without knowing
why it is there
who did it
how to fix it
or who to call for help.
Transgenerational – is when
You dive so deeply into that hole in your soul,

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But still – no answer
to the “why,”
the “who”
and the how.
Transgenerational—is when
People say, “But you don’t seem to have a hard life,
So why dig?”
They say, “You were not a slave, your grandparents were.
So, what’s YOUR problem?”
They say, “You were not made to watch
Three of your brothers being quartered by horses in Petlyura pogroms!
Your grandma was made to watch, not you!
So why keep digging?”
They say, “Bandera monuments being erected
all over 21st century Ukraine should not bother you!
He is a Hero of Ukraine—
Each nation chooses its heroes!”
(Even if he was a murderous anti-Semite?)
Yes, they do choose their heroes
—and if you have a hole in your soul
Somehow painfully connected with those monuments
—how is it not YOUR problem?

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Inna Rozentsvit

Inna Rozentsvit, MD, PhD, MBA, MSciEd, is a neurologist and neurorehabilitation specialist trained in psychoanalysis. She is a founder and neuropsychoeducator at the non-profit organization NeurorecoverySolutions, Inc., a programs director at the Object Relations Institute for Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis, and editor-in-chief of the ORI Academic Press, MindMend Publishing Co., and MindConsiliums, the interdisciplinary journal.
She may be contacted at or 

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