Awards and Honors

The Psychohistory Forum offers several awards and honors:

  • The Sydney Halpern Award for the Best Psychohistorical Idea, normally in a published article or book.  This award has previously been granted in the amounts of $150 and $300 to individuals who created the first  psychohistory listserv, and who achieved excellence in editing.  One lives in California and the other in Canada. ($300 remains in the award fund.)
  • The Young Scholar Membership Award. A year’s membership including subscription to Clio’s Psyche, granted to those nominated by a member or practicing psychohistorian.  Awardees would either have or be in the process of receiving an advanced graduate degree or psychoanalytic certification.
  • The Psychohistory Forum Student Award. For the best article in Clio’s Psyche by a student at any level.  A one year subscription is provided.
  • The Lifetime Achievement Award in Psychohistory.
  • Festschrifts for Outstanding Contributors to Psychohistory.
  • Featured Scholar/Editor interview.

There are a variety of awards available from other organizations such as the Robert Stoller Foundation, the International Society for Political Psychology, and the International Psychohistorical Association. These are usually listed toward the end of The Best of Clio’s Psyche.